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There are many reasons to consider professional Atlanta-based photography for your baby.

Capture a fleeting moment

Your newborn is only a newborn once. Your baby won’t celebrate their six-month birthday ever again, or graduate from kindergarten twice. Children grow at incredible rates, sometimes in the blink of an eye. When my children were born I marveled at their tiny fingers and toes, but they grew up quicker than I could have imagined. The photographs I have of my children as babies can take me back to a time when they still had their fresh, new scent, and I want to capture those memories and feelings for you.

Share your beautiful baby

Your baby is a unique, one of a kind creation, and you’ll want to share them with friends, family and everyone in between. Home photos are special and great for documenting memories, but a beautiful portrait that you can display in your home or office is best left to the professionals. Let me bring out what makes your child yours with a Beverly Hall Photography photo session, so that sharing them with the world is easy.

Track your baby as she grows and changes

The only thing better than preserving precious moments is preserving all of them. So many of my clients for newborn shoots keep coming back to have their children photographed at every stage, and these repeat visits aid in building a relationship between photographer and family, so that your portraits become more personal and meaningful over time.

Quality, experienced service

As a professional photographer with over twenty years of experience, I am equipped with the skills to get the best photograph of your newborn or child. I love to coax smiles and encourage poses that look and feel most natural to your child and highlight glowing smiles and energetic personalities. You can expect perfection from your photo sessions and know that your children are in good hands with Beverly Hall Photography.

My Portfolio

I hope you enjoy viewing my previous work with both children’s photos and newborn photos to get a feel for my style and the kinds of portraits I shoot. My clients have graciously offered the portraits of their beautiful children and newborns to be displayed on this website. Check my Facebook and Instagram for more photographs and praise for my work, and schedule a session for your child to take advantage of the true rewards of working with Beverly Hall photography.